Ming Dynasty

The Ming dynasty began in 1368, and lasted until 1644 A.D. Its founder was a peasant, the third of only three peasants ever to become an emperor in China. He is known as Hongwu Emperor, and led the revolt against the Mongols and the Yuan Dynasty. He was constantly worried about conspiracies against himself, and despite the many moral homilies he gave, favored violence in dealing with any one suspected of plotting against him or associated with the conspirators. The capital was originally located in Nanjing but the third emperor moved the capital to Beijing.

Accomplishments/ Things to Know:

  • Return of Confucian values
  • Building of Great Wall
  • Building of Forbidden Palace
  • Voyages of Zheng He
  • Art (porcelain, novels)
  • Interaction and then isolation from foreigners


Qinlong Letter:
1. Emperor's letter to King George
2. Questions regarding Macartney's Visit

General Information
1. Stelzer powerpoint
2. Reading: East Asia challenged (excellent information)
3. Fall of the Qing
4. End of the Dynastic System
5. Imperialism China and Japan
6. First Opium War Information
7. Visualizing Culture Wbsite
8. Terrific Image Gallery of 1st Opium War
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