1. (EASIEST) Mr. Donn's Ancient China for kids. The information here is for younger students, HOWEVER if you find yourself lost and needing a general refresher about some of the information/ dynasties/ philosophies, etc. it can a good general resource. It will NOT tell you all you need to know for this Unit, but it can be useful start.

2. Click here for Minnesota State University website on China. It has information on every dynasty, along with a timeline and map of each dynasty's area of influence.

3. Click here for Asia for Educators which is, in my mind, the BEST and most interesting site. It is big, but very well organized. Go to their Homepage and click on a time period your interested in knowing more about.

Click here for INFORMATION AND THEMES from the Asia for Educators website. This has the best section on both information and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, the IDEAS that form the basis for this unit.

4. For SPECIFIC help on completing the Jigsaw:

Tang & Song



(Skip down to part IV about the Qing Dynasty)

Paragraph/ Short Answer Writing


Helpful Powerpoints about the Dynasties: