The Dynasty Song: While we won't be going into detail on all of the below dynasties, this song (to the tune of Frere Jacques) can help you remember the major Chinese Dynasties in chronological order:

Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han

Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han
Sui, Tang, Song

Sui, Tang, Song
Yuan, Ming, Qing, Republic

Yuan, Ming, Qing, Republic
Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong

Guiding Questions to Consider

  1. What were TWO common factors that led to the fall of dynasties?
  2. Which TWO dynasties achieved the MOST for China? (Will you look for the strongest government or are there different categories of achievement?)
  3. What were TWO ways that helped a government maintain its power during its rule in dynastic China?
  4. Identify and explain one continuity AND one change in society in dynastic China.
  5. What impact did trade have on China?
  6. What impact did China have on nations around it? (Eg. invasion, conquest, colonization, trade)

Graphic Organizer: Click here for the Dynasty Organizing Chart

Qin Dynasty

Shi Huangdi Questions

Qin OverviewQin Warring States.png
Qin- First United Emmperor
Qin Dynastic Cycle
Qin Burning of Books
Qin Map 1
Map Comparing Early Dynasties
Qin Warring States Map (to the right)

Han Dynasty

Read and take notes in your chart:

Han Asian World
Han Reading
Han Dynasty Short #1
Han Dynasty Short #2
Han Dynasty PPT #1
Han Dynasty PPT #2

Tang & Song

Tang Asian World
Song Asian World
Tang Song Short1
Tang Song Short2
Tang Song Reading
Tang Song PPT


In 1206, a powerful Mongol leader known as Genghis Khan (jeng-uhs KAHN) led huge armies through much of Asia and Eastern Europe. He first led his armies into northern China in 1211, then headed south. By the time of Genghis Khan’s death in 1227, all of northern China was under Mongol control.
Genghis Khan’s grandson, Kublai Khan (KOObluh KAHN), completed the conquest of China and declared himself emperor in 1279. This began the Yuan dynasty, a period also known as the Mongol Ascendancy.
Kublai Khan did not force the Chinese to accept Mongol customs, but he did try to control them. One way was by having the Chinese pay heavy taxes, which were used to pay for building projects. One such project was the building of a new capital, Dadu, near the present-day city of Beijing.
Kublai Khan’s regime preserved much of the structure of the Song dynasty, including the civil service and trade routes. The Italian merchant Marco Polo, who traveled in China between 1271 and 1295, wrote of his travels and sparked Europeans’ interest in China.

Two failed campaigns against Japan and expensive public works projects weakened the Yuan dynasty. Many Chinese groups rebelled, and Zhu Yuanzhang in 1368, (JOO yoo-ahn-JAHNG) took control and founded the Ming dynasty.


The Ming dynasty lasted nearly 300 years, from 1368 to 1644. Ming China proved to be one of the most stable and prosperous times in Chinese history. Great Ming achievements include the remarkable ships and voyages of Zheng He (juhng HUH), the Great Wall of China, and the Forbidden City in Beijing. The Forbidden City was a massive palace of residences, temples, and government buildings. Common people were not allowed to enter the Forbidden City.


Emperors during the Ming dynasty worked to eliminate foreign influences from Chinese society. China entered a period of isolationism. Ironically, the consequences of this policy included a weakness that allowed opportunistic Westerners to seize considerable power in some parts of China as China’s imperial glory faded.

Yuan Dynasty

Yuan Asian World
Yuan Reading (Human Legacy Book)
Short Yuan Overview
Yuan Powerpoint

Ming Dynasty

Ming Asian World
Reading on Ming Dynasty (Human Legacy Book)
Ming Dynasty Powerpoint

Forces of Unity & Disunity.jpg


Dynasty Presentation Instructions

Dynasty Presentation Rubric

Dynasty Sheet for Note taking

Han: Amy & Cassie
Tang: Lena & Robin
Song: Justin, Bryan and Calvin
Yuan: Bryce, Amanda & Jaxson
Ming: Zo, Lucy & Mildred

Han: Phil & Min
Tang: Ivy, Jake & May
Song: Frank & Jeff
Yuan: Katie, Mio & Colton
Ming: Kasey, Sophia & Ruby



(Below is an assignment from 1st Semester)

Writing Assignment
A 1 paragraph OUTLINE addressing the following question:
Which dynasty had the biggest impact on China, and why?
Use this graphic organizer

Practice MC Questions:
Practice Multiple Choice Questions

Forces of Unity & Disunity