Essential question: Was Mao good for China?
  1. In what ways did political, social and economic structures change in Communist China?
  2. What elements remained the same?
  3. What were the main events under Mao's rule?

Resources for Communist China (China Under Mao) with details:

PPT on Communist China
Stelzer's Mao Outline
Your China Since 1900 book Ch 12-19

CHINA 20TH CENTURY TIMELINE (download here):

20th Century China timeline.jpg

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3. Click here for Study Guide of China Under Mao

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Activity: Mao Quotes

Mao and Great Leap Forward:

Speech at the Lushan Conference (Mao, July 23, 1959)
Mao gave a speech at the Lushan Conference that passionately defended decisions that had been made, arguing that mistakes were to be expected and that nothing great was achieved without trial and error. He urged party members not to waver, or forget why the Great Leap Forward had begun, and not to throw away the principles that maintained it. Mao stated, "We are under combined attack from within and outside the Party" and denounced the critics. He agreed that there had been partial failures but argued that the Party had gained knowledge as a result.

Cultural Revolution:

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