INTRODUCTION: Asia in the 21st century

This is our introductory unit. We will familiarize ourselves with an overview of the countries we will study and discuss our impressions of these societies today. Our aim is then to build an understanding of Asian nations in the 21st century so as to see whether we can make connections between past and present.

Connecting with China, Japan and Korea

  • To familiarize yourself with the countries you will be investigating this year
  • To compare and contrast countries by learning facts in categories, such as demographics, geography, government and religion
  • To set the foundation for the links between past and present that we will explore throughout the year (how did each country get from there to here)

  • Activity
    • You will be divided into groups of 3-4
    • Each group will create a quick overview of China, Japan and Korea through the production of a fact sheet for each country
  • ◦ think of your fact sheet as a travel poster - your audience is your class
    ◦ fact sheets should be colorful and easy to read
    ◦ visuals in addition to the map and flag would be excellent additions to your design

    Digital options
    1. The poster template from Microsoft Word
    2. Glogster
    3. Prezi
  • Posters will be printed out for display in the classroom. If you have chosen an animated style, then these will be uploaded to our class wiki for a wider audience. It's entirely your choice.
    If you have an alternative in mind, come and discuss this with me.

    Useful sources


    Each poster should contain:
    1. Country’s name in a) English and b) in the language of that nation
    2. A map of the country with the capital city clearly marked
    3. The official flag of the country
    4. A box containing:
  • ◦ The name of the capital city
    ◦ Official language
    ◦ Major ethnic group
    ◦ Major Religions
    ◦ Current Population estimate
    ◦ Type of Government structure

    5. A box containing 4 interesting facts about the nation (see below for example).
    6. Other pictures or relevant information you think serves well as an introduction to the country

Facts about Taiwan
  • Taiwan is an island with mountains in the east and flat plains in the west where most people live.
  • The population of Taiwan is a mix of the original Taiwanese groups and more recent immigrants from mainland China.
  • Taipei 101 is a building with 101 floors and is the tallest completed skyscraper in the world as of 2007. It is designed to withstand the typhoon winds and earthquakes that are common in Taiwan.
  • Basketball, baseball and badminton are very popular sports in Taiwan.