Chapters 1-6 in China Since 1900 (Brooman/ Red Book)

The first 6 Chapters takes us from the end of the Qing Dynasty in 1900 through the Communist's famous Long March in 1934-35. Our general focus is on the following:

Reasons for the fall of the Qing (1850-1911)
Period of the Warlord's dominance of China (1912-1927)
  • ยท Yuan Shikai Presidency (1912-1916)
Rise of Two Revolutionary Movements
  • May 4th Movement
  • Communists (CCP)
  • Guomingdang (The Nationalists/ GMD)
Chiang Kaishek and Communist joint Northern Campaign to defeat the Warlords
Split between GMD and CCP
Extermination Campaigns-attempts by GMD to wipe out the CCP
The Communists Long March to escape


  1. : Background information and study questions for Chapters 1-6
  2. : an excellent powerpoint with great photos. There's one blank page, but keep going as there's more after that
  3. : good overview of Republican Period
  4. : From the Global Insights book. 5 page overview of the Republican Period

For more detailed information:

Timeline Exercise Ch. 1-8

The powerpoints above (including "PPT Struggle for Power", which is new) will be helpful for the timeline exercise.

Homework Reading: