To Know:

1. The two groups battling for control of the country (and what they wanted/ believed)
  • Communists (CCP)
  • Nationalists (Guomindang/ Kuomintang/ GMD/ KMT)

2. Three People
  • Mao Zedong (leader of CCP)
  • Sun Yatsen (founder of Nationalists/ GMD)
  • Chiang Kaishek (also called Jiang Jieshi): took over leadership of GMD/ nationalists in late 1920s, led them until his death in 1970s)

3. A few key events:
  • First United Front between CCP & GMD (to fight the warlords)
  • Long March
  • Second United Front (to fight the Japanese)
  • why CCP & GMD fought for so many years


Click here for 6 Reasons Why CCP Won

1. Concepts/ Timeline: Click here to download

Overview by Mr. Stelzer of time periods/ events of ROC

2. Readings

Below are overviews of the Republic of China (ROC) period 1911-1949
1. ROC Modern World History : Good overview from World History textbook
2. ROC Global Insights
3. Intro excerpt from China Since WWII Book
4. Your red 'China Since 1900' book (by Josh Brooman), especially Chapters 1-11

3. Powerpoints

1. The Republic of China Begins
2. Struggle for Power (between CCP and GMD)
The above two powerpoints go together, look at them both
3. China 1912-1949. Great photos

4. Two Movies to watch

They both are good, watch them and the use information to fill-in/ supplement your timeline chart. Pay attention to dates:

Click here to watch Movie 1: Solid, straightforward information.

Click here to watch Movie #2: This guy is very entertaining, but he goes pretty fast. Pause, rewind and rewatch as necessary. The first 6 minutes are about the Republican era (1911-1949), the rest is about life in China under communist rule.

5. Prezi: Click here

This is a good timeline overview but since it starts in 1924 you'll need to 'fill-in' information between 1911 and 1924 AND add details/ additional information

Long March (1934-1935):

Long March.gif

Peer Review Worksheet

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